I'm Tim Bennett, a freelance senior conceptual art director.

Freelance means I'll do anything for anybody.

Senior means I remember Cow gum and magic markers but I'm very useful on the mac and use Adobe CS, Quark, Word, Acrobat and that.

Conceptual means I can think and have ideas that make people do things, like spend money, or donate to a charity or...you get the picture.

Art Director means I draw, write, design and have all the rare craft skills required to create work that stands out and gets super results.

I work in agencies...

For many years, I've worked full time, in some big fancy agencies in that London. Like Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather Direct and
This, That & The Other. I've climbed up to being a Creative Director, managed small to large numbers of people, won pitches worth millions and picked up some awards. I've worked on cruise ships, airlines, booze and fags, financial services, windows, television providers, healthcare, B2B and
Now freelance, I still work in agencies, whenever they'll have me, to help out on projects and pitches from start to finish.

I work in-house.

I'm happy also working on the client side. Like Everest (Windows) UK, for instance, hired me recently, to work as their internal Creative Director with the task of refreshing their brand look and feel to make it more 'premium'. And helping, startups and small businesses get off the ground with a smart, cost effective logo and brand identity , is something else I really enjoy.


If you're an agency, client or an entrepreneur and want to have a chat, please get in touch: email info@compelling-selling.com
or call me on 07711424090.

30+ years experience...30+creative awards


I'm a freelance creative with lots of London experience, who works with agencies on large projects and pitches, with clients internally or small startups.

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