Defining your brand - Getting all your ducks in a row...

You need a logo?

Hiring a professional to design your company logo, graphics and marketing collateral is the only
way to set your business apart from the competition. Yet strangely, after so much time, effort, and money, has been invested, branding and marketing is often considered a low priority and mostly, done 'on the cheap'. It's tempting to jump online and use one of the hundreds of do-it-yourself design tools to save time and a bob or two but the results are usually poor quality and cheap and there's a risk that's how your business will look.
          Great logo and brand design requires a complex mixture of craftsmanship, intuition and skill and shouldn't be an after thought because, when done properly, it can only add value to your business in the long run. But before you commit to anything, you need to do some ground work.


Finding your right tone of voice.

Firstly, start thinking about your company's tone of voice (TOV). That is, how you want  to communicate with your customers and your staff. What impression do you want to give? How you want them to think and feel about doing business with you, buying your product or working for you?  Try and imagine that your business is a person. How would they speak? What clothes would they wear? What music would they like? What are their values and beliefs? What is their favourite colour? Gradually your brand personality begins to materialize.


How you address your customer is vital.

Who is your target audience?

Understanding your customer, how you communicate with them and what you say is crucial. It's in your name, your logo and strapline, your advertising, your website, emails, letters, leaflets, social media, even how you answer the phone. You need to use a language that they can relate to and use it consistently in every thing you do. Be honest with them in what you offer at all times in order to win their trust and loyalty.


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