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About 630,000 new companies open for business in the UK every year. Sadly, about 580,000 are also forced to close partly because so many make the same mistake of neglecting brand design and opt for the cheap option. If your logo looks cheap and low quality then that's the impression of your business you'll give to your potential customers.


Having a strong logo and brand identity, that's well designed by a professional will increase your chances of survival, especially in the early stages of a small business. I provide a premium service that brings over 30 years experience in design and marketing know-how and offer  flexible prices that helps startups and established businesses stand out from the crowd.

The 4 step creative process

1. The brief

The first step is to get in touch so we can arrange to meet, if possible, and talk about your project.  Here we can establish what you want to achieve, the best way to achieve it and how much it will cost. This is FREE by the way. I work out a price according to how long I think the project will take but will always consider your  budget and try to work within it. 

2. ideas

Before I start creating,  I have to clearly understand your business, your market, your competition, your customers and areas of opportunity. This triggers ideas to work from and develop solutions that answer the brief.

3. Design

Whether its a logo, an ad, a brochure or all three, I begin  with a pen and a blank sheet of paper,  I let the ideas grow in my head and start drawing or writing things down. Once I've exhausted these thoughts, I take a step back and look what's there then take the ones that have made the cut and transform them digitally into words and pictures or design options ready to show the client. 


4. Delivery

After we've reviewed the work and any comments and changes have been  satisfactorily addressed, the final artwork files will be handed over to the client, on the agreed date.

If you have a design project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch...

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